What’s Your Denim Identity?

maanantai 30. heinäkuu 2007

Farkut on ollut kuuma puheenaihe ainakin Fashion -blogissa, joten aiheeseen sopii mahtavasti glam.comin erittäin asiallinen ja akateemisen tieteellinen testi, jolla voi testata oman farkku-identiteettinsä!

Mintun Denim Identity on:

You’re Sass & Bide jeans!
A creative chick with an appetite for offbeat life and style, you also have an independent streak that’s true-bluer than your compatible jeans. With a flair for funky, you confidently stride through life at your own time and pace, making you a perfect partner with unique and edgy Sass & Bide.

Tee testi!

3 Responses to “What’s Your Denim Identity?”

  1. Avatar ab sanoo:

    Minä olin Chloén farkut :D hauska testi!

  2. Avatar mari-johanna sanoo:

    Mulle tuli:
    You’re Chip and Pepper jeans! No need for anyone to take a chill pill when they’re around you. Your casual, laid-back, and happy-go-lucky personality is soothing, comfortable, and approachable, just like a pair of too-cute and relaxed Chip and Pepper jeans.


  3. Avatar Minttu sanoo:

    AB: Siitä sitten vaan Chloén farkkuja hankkimaan! :DD

    Mari-Johanna: Happy-go-lucky, cute and relaxed – sehän on just kuin sä!!